Expert Witness
Expert Witness
Consulting for Podiatric Medicine, Podiatry, Foot Surgery, Ankle Surgery.
• Case review for merit
• Evaluation for negligence
• Determination for adherence to standard of care
• Expert opinion of records
• Impairment ratings
• Medical necessity determinations
• Insurance claim adjudication
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Defense and Plaintiff Impartial
Dr. Stege maintains an active patient practice and has distinguished academic credentials. He has acted as an expert witness and consultant in cases involving Podiatric Medicine, Foot and Ankle Surgery, and lower extremity Orthopedics. His consulting experience includes AMA Impairment Ratings, Independent Medical Evaluations (IME), Workers' Compensation, insurance claim adjudication and consulting for the legal profession. Dr. Stege provides a defense and plaintiff impartial, objective and timely evaluation.

• Board Certified
• Academic Credentials
• Active Patient Practice

Professional Review
Independent Opinion Reporting
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